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California Contractor's License # 667295
Septic Systems:  We will assist you with obtaining your County septic permit for new or replacement systems and install your system to local County codes.
Road and Driveway Construction:  We install culverts, cattle guards, and water crossings.  We will grade your road or driveway, install base rock, water and compact.  
We sell an assortment of aggregate products to meet a variety of road building needs.
Site Preparation for New Construction:  Removal of trees, brush and stumps, and site grading.  House cuts, foundation footings, driveways, utility trenching and installation, backfill, french drains, finish grades.  Septic system installation.  We will prepare your lot for your construction project.  
​We are a LICENSED TIMBER OPERATOR and are certified by the Golden Shovel Safety Standard.
Lake Shore Bank Stabilization and Rock Walls:  We will assist you with obtaining the required permits and install rip rap to stabilize your lake front property.  We build rock retaining walls for stabilization and decorative landscaping.  
Demolition:  We are a licensed demolition contractor and will assist you with obtaining County Demolition Permit.  We will tear down your structure and remove all associated materials and debris, leaving you a clean lot for your next endeavor.
We can tear out your old driveway or road.
Trucking:  Dump Trucks, End Dump, Bottom Dump, Water Truck, Pilot Car Services
Snow Removal Services: Residential or commercial snow plowing in Hamilton Branch and Westwood.
Turner Excavating Inc does not share your information with any third party companies.
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California Contractor's License# 667295